When will I feel a high from running?

When will I feel a high from running?

If you’re brand new to running, you may not have not yet experienced the runner’s feeling of. Although studies do show that there is a high but there’s no magical distance or duration you must run for to feel it.

It’s different for each person who runs. Certain runners may experience a feeling of awe after their first 30 minutes of uninterrupted run, while others might not have experienced it in their years of running.

If you notice it, you may not feel like that after each exercise. You may have to wait several months before it occurs again.

What is the Running High?

The runners who have experienced the rush express it in a variety of ways. They frequently use words such as “calm,” “peaceful,” “euphoric,” and “blissful.” The term “high” isn’t a coincidence since a runner’s high is comparable to an altered state of mind that is associated with painkillers.

Some runners report feeling like they’re floating like they’re floating in air. The minor aches and pains go away as well as runners be unable to remember time as well. Perhaps the most important thing is that running is effortless and you feel as if you can go on for a lifetime.

Although it may be to feel to experience this feeling to the maximum extent it is possible however, you must be cautious not to go overboard. It’s fine to run for a bit more or longer than you had planned, particularly if are only experiencing a high-level of runner’s only occasionally. However, too much training could result in injuries due to overuse.

Running: How Does the Runner’s Hi-Lo Perform?

The rhythm of distance running’s moderate-intensity appears to be the primary factor in the runners’ high (since the runners feel it more frequently than others). A variety of processes take place in your brain and body while you run which can create the sensation of high.


Research has shown that your body releases endorphins, which is a positive hormone that makes you feel good during exercises. It was thought that they stop pain sensations from your cerebrum. 1

But, we have learned that endorphins aren’t able to pass from blood into the brain. 2Therefore, they’re probably not the cause of the sensation of euphoria associated with the runners’ high, but they can to keep muscles from feeling painful.


As with endorphins and endocannabinoids, they are biochemical substances that our body creates. Contrary to endorphins however they can perform their job in the brain. Researchers believe that these chemicals are the cause of the sensation of euphoria associated with the running high. 3

Yes, there is a link between cannabis and the cannabis plant: Endocannabinoids are cannabis-like substances which are created by the body. They do not come through smoking or other consumption of cannabis.

Increase the Chances of Feeling the Runner’s High

Do you know how to get the runner’s high? There are a few ways to test if you’re yet to experience the thrill.

  • Combine it all up If you usually run at the same distance at the same pace change things up by increasing your effort could assist. Try an fartlek run or increasing the duration and see if it can make any difference. Maintain your intensity and also long-lasting.
  • Running outside Invigorating all of your senses will increase your odds of getting an elevated level of running, as treadmill runners attest.
  • Learn to practice mindfulness Some runners have found that applying meditation methods during runs makes to feel more relaxed throughout and after their runs.
  • A group of people or with a partner A study showed the rowers exercising in a group were significantly more level of pain tolerance (a measure used to measure the feeling of euphoria) in comparison to those who exercised alone. 4
  • Music to listen Studies have shown the listening of your favourite music can also help ease the pain. 5
  • Race Register for an regional road race even if you’ve never run one before. Sometimes, you have to push yourself to the limits or the excitement of finishing the race to experience that feeling of exhilaration. If you’ve previously completed an event, choose one that’s new for you, or at the new place, so you’ll be experiencing something completely different.

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