What Do All Good Orienteering Compasses Have

What Do All Good Orienteering Compasses Have

What Do All Good Orienteering Compasses Have : An orienteering compass should have several important features, such as a clear base plate and straight sides. The compass needle should settle on the rest and have a good bearing arc. The compass housing should also contain liquid to keep the magnetic needle steady while taking readings. In my opinion, the Suunto M-3 Leader is one of the best kompas. It features a functional Finnish design, a sturdy baseplate protractor, an accurate steel needle, and a decent
price. Whether the oriented sextant has markings on it or not is a personal preference, but a
compass with markings is essential.

The best orienteering compass

What Do All Good Orienteering Compasses Have: A good orienteering compass has a luminous needle and a fixed sight. This makes it easier to
measure distances accurately. It also comes with an alignment line and a North box. Most
compass models have a built-in compass converter and can also convert between raster and
magnetic north. A good orienteering sextant has a transparent base plate and straight sides. A luminous needle will help you navigate in low-light conditions.

An orienting compass has a directional arrow. It tells you which way is north on the map. The
compass housing must line up with the arrow in order to work correctly. You then hold the
compass housing in one hand while using your other hand to locate points on the map. You can
then connect the points with straight lines. This method of navigating is called trigalling.

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