Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, June 8

Ultrarunning Magazine: A hundred miller on a 2.7 mile flat loop in Idaho sounds like a nice mix of fixed time and trail ultramarathon.

Runner’s World: The UK’s Martin Richards talks about how he started running ultramarathons three years ago but has already set an FKT on the Thames Path. Also discusses how a “middle aged” black guy found trail and ultras.

Beatie Deutsch is looking for her path to the Olympic Games as an ultra-Orthodox Jewish mother of five who runs in modest attire and misses races on the Sabbath. Interesting woman and a neat story.

“You have spent the whole year preparing. You know in the back of your head you are doing this, the training after work, the tough training after work, the late training or whatever challenges you are doing, you know you are doing it for this challenge. It’s all coming together in that moment and in a way you do not want that moment to end. It’s very unique.”

—SCMP: Great story about Hyun Chang Chung’s journey on the 298k Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge from last year. Lots of insight and lessons in there.

SlowTwitch: Interview with Taggart VanEtten as he prepares to attempt a sub 11 hundred miller next week.

Interesting: This could be the last year that the US dominates the Olympic medal count.

Lize Brittin unloads on dishonest writers and story lines in our running media.

Speaking of running media, this Australian commercial does a great job of showing what it feels like to write about running these days.

Hey North Carolina trail runners: Don’t let a bear snag your backpack or hydration vest.

YouTube: I love the pain and determination in Sifan Hassan’s face on that final lap! That’s what it takes to beat the 10k WR by ten seconds!

These two guys are about to break 75 yards at the Suffolk Back Yard Ultramarathon.

Trailrunner/Roche: Time to get the hill work in with some treadmill doubles.

New CDC guidelines say vaxed runners may resume blowing snot rockets.

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