Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, June 1

NYT: Focusing on the tragic accident in China last week, Jen Miller questions how ultramarathons move forward. Yes, it was an awful accident, but come on, deaths during events are extraordinarily rare.

But if history has taught us anything, it’s that the momentum of trail running’s popularity will not be slowed, and the lessons will soon be forgotten until the next disaster.

–Mark Agnew with South China Morning Post weighs in with questions of responsibility and what, if anything, will change in trail and ultramarathon running.

Speaking of foul weather, AJW recounts some events that were canceled mid-race due to weather.

The best comic/commentary of 2021.

ultrarunning Magazine: Good crew/pacer report from Cruel Jewel.

By the pictures on social media, it looks like everyone had a great time at Western States Training Camp. And uh-oh, that means I better get the alpenhorn out and start practicing!

Follow up: Caster Semenya missed the mark to qualify for the 5,000.

Sarah’s story of her self-supported 50 miller on the Rimrocker Trail (road?) in Colorado.

ultrarunning History: A history of 100 milers and ultramarathon runners from Hawai’i. I had no idea our sport ran that deep on the islands!

Eighteen year old Hobbs Kellser ran a 1500m that beat Alan Webb’s legendary record, beat the collegiate record, and qualified him for Olympic Trials. Absolutely killed it.

GQ: Excellent story about how Ethiopian runners move to New York to make it big, while many end up working in the trades and unable to return home. Many different angles in this story…great read.

Damian Hall beats Wainwright’s Coast to Coast FKT by 18 minutes. Nice work!

Personal: I had my first paddleboard race this past weekend and will record something about it soon. In short, I had an incredible time and really wish more trail runners would try it out. So damn much fun and while there are plenty of differences, there are myriad similarities between the disciplines.

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