Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Sep 20

iRunFar/Mock: Justin runs in all the results from his ultramarathons and races from last week. Lots of European racing, big money at Run Rabbit Run, Barkley-lite in Tennessee, and an overall female winner in the Plain 100.

FOLLOW HERE: The lead singer from Chumbaumba has written a book about former running champion – and full-time punk – Gary Devine. I don’t read a lot of running books, but this one sounds fun.

SCMP/Agnew: Should include training for an ultramarathon or trail race, hiking…and a lot of that.

The peer-reviewed journal describes and explains the controversy surrounding the XC’s turning into an event at the Winter Olympics.

In order to accept the fact that Shelby Houlihan used nandrolone, then, we need some sort of better explanation for her decision. Is she really really dumb – like, really Stupid? Or, alternatively, was there a deeper reason for her to act with such reckless desperation?

I’ve never met Houlihan. I can’t attest to her character. I don’t know for sure whether she is guilty or innocent. All I can say for sure is that the process I found guilty was not at all sufficient for the task.

Malcolm Gladwell weighs and analyzes the Shelby Houlihan case. It’s not a gotcha or blame game, but an investigation into a story How and why.

Speaking of prohibited substances, WADA will direct an advisory committee to consider removing cannabis from the banned substances list, starting in 2023.

Did you catch our latest podcast with Beast Coast speedster and non-alcoholic brewer Jim Sweeney? Fun conversation with a man who is living the dream.

CTS/Koop: Off-Season for Ultramarathon Runners: Prepare Your Transition Stage.

ITRA Prez Bob Crowley resigned for a year and elected RD Janet Ng of Hong Kong to run the organization. Eager to see how you will do.

“Going to school and back wasn’t far, maybe eight to 10 kilometres, but to get there it was very downhill, and to come back, very downhill. So that was how I started running every day.”

Well, that definitely explains part of why Fernanda Maciel is such a dominant mountain runner! More about her story and passion for running here.

iRunFar: Sarah highlights Withy Hall, a Colorado media shy by Michigan, who received 553 of 767 ranked and unranked in Colorado. (Unfortunately, it appears whiley DNFed in RRR this past weekend.)

Dipsea: Can anyone tell me when the subscriber list will be published? I can’t find the information on the site. Thanks.

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