Thursday Things & Where I go for…

Let’s start off by going over some pictures/screenshots from my phone that I haven’t shared yet…

*Skye had parent-teacher conferences and it was so fun to hear from her teacher all about her little personality in the classroom (and to clear up any of the stories that Skye might have shared with her teacher about us;)

IMG 2262

*That feeling when every single step of your run felt hard. Every. Single. Step.

IMG 2280

*My goal is to complete each of these ten classes.

Screen Shot 2022 01 27 at 3 06 09 PM

*Do you know anybody that STARTS their workout at 11:54 pm? Now you do, Andrew.

Screenshot 2022 01 27 at 3 08 00 PM

*The joyful look you get when your food is on its way to the table.

IMG 2289

*I’m going to start recording their conversations.

IMG 2297

*Running in the mud should count as strength training because it makes my shoes very heavy.

IMG 2279

*I came across this old picture of Brooke and it just took me back to those spiked-haired days.

IMG 2257

*Every single day I thank Beck’s doctor in my head for his ear tubes… his life is so much better now.

IMG 2286

*My goal this month is to hit a 15-mile long run… and extra credit will be earned if it is on the trails:).

IMG 1931

*The other day, Amy reminded me in the comments that I will have an automatic PR next month at my 25k race! It will be my first time racing that distance. Picture from when Andrew ran this race.

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 8482


The other day Jessica asked about where I get my recipes for things that my family love and so I thought I would include them in this post…

*My list of EASY Trader Joe’s meals is HERE and they are a big hit for everyone in our house.

*My list for my favorite soups are HERE!

*Family favorite recipes (ie my mom’s recipes etc) are HERE!

*The cookbooks that I use the most often are The Pioneer Woman Cooks SUPER EASY (this cookbook is a MUST for me these days), Two Pease & Their Pod, Run Fast Eat Slow, Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow and Magnolia Table. I’ve been eyeing the Half Baked Harvest Super Simple cookbook, does anyone have it and what do you think of it?

IMG 2292

*My current favorite recipe blogs:

– Mels Kitchen Cafe

-My Bountiful Kitchen

-How Sweet Eats

–D Delicious;)

–Spend with Pennies

–Pinch of Yum

-I am so excited about something I am doing this year with Megan. Each month a member of the club chooses a cookbook and we all make recipes from it and get together one night to try them all. For 12 months we will keep trying different cookbooks and it will be so fun to branch out and try so many different recipes/meals… It will get me out of my comfort zone while getting to have a girls’ night every month where we eat and chat 🙂


What are your favorite cookbooks? Favorite recipe blogs?

Have a race distance you’ve never done before that you’ve been wanting to try?

What is your run or workout today?

Have a goal for this month? I would love to read what it is!

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