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Pro-running instructor and yoga coach Tywon Thompson shares five dynamic stretching exercises for runners.

Why should we warm up?

If you’re getting ready to go for your running session, the muscles have to be ready to perform. Begin with the dynamic warmup. It’s a pre-run routine comprised of easy, but active exercises. When you practice dynamic stretching that you do, you’re putting your muscles and joints through their full range of movement. This will help get your body ready for running to be.

Tywon Thompson who is co-leader of the November Project Dallas is a professional coach for runners as well as yoga teacher. “Many runners don’t like being told that they need to warm up or do so including myself. However, dynamic stretching plays an crucial role in establishing proper running form and flexibility,” he said.

We asked Tywon for some energizing exercises for runners. He came up with his five favorite exercises to help you get moving.

Butt kicks

It’s like striving to kick butt each time you step. Do a smooth, slightly forward lean, then take a brief step, and then move your heels backwards and upwards as high as you are able to. Butt kicks aid in improving the rate of movement in your legs. Try this for 20m along a course or a flat surface. It is also possible to do butt kicks when you are in place for 30 minutes. Muscles targeted include glutes, hamstrings and glutes

High knees

Be tall when moving your knees. Make sure you lift your knees to the highest level you can while you move forward for 20m along a path or a flat surface. You can also perform high knees while seated for around 30 minutes. Muscles exercised including quadriceps and hamstrings glutes, calves, and hip flexibility

Side lunge

Take a wide stride with your feet facing forward. Lean your left knee forward while moving your hips backwards and spreading the weight over your left foot in order to enter an incline to the side. Make sure you keep your chest lifted and up. Then, get back to your feet and repeat the move for 30 seconds after which you switch sides. Muscles targeted in the glutes, hamstrings and quads

llustrated exercise guide by healthy woman doing Side Lunges Workout in 2 steps for firming buttocks and legs.

Hip openers

By placing your hands placed on your hips or against a wall and shift your weight onto that leg on your left. Your left knee is bent at an angle of 90 degrees and then move it upwards towards your chest. Then, lower it to on the side to your left. Then , drive your left foot back down, and allow your toes to touch the floor. Then let your left leg come back up to the left side moving it towards your chest before returning to its starting position. Do 10 reps or 30 seconds prior to switching over to your other leg. Muscles trained hip Flexors

Side-to-side leg swings

With your hands resting on walls or on a chair to provide support and support, shift your weight onto on your left leg. While keeping the left foot straight you can swing it across your body, then out onto the left side with ease. Do 10 reps and then switch onto the opposing side. Muscles targeted in quadriceps, hip flexors and Hamstrings

Leg swings from front-to-back

By placing your left hand against an armchair or wall to support you, stand in a straight line and move your body weight over that leg on your left. Move your right leg upwards and backwards smoothly. Perform 10 reps before switching to the other side. Muscles used in quadriceps, hip flexors and Hamstrings

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