Raiders Running Backs

Raiders Running Backs

The Las Vegas Raiders are a professional American football team based in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. They are a member of the National Football League (NFL) and play in the American Football Conference (AFC) West division. The Raiders are considered a small market team, but have a large fan
base in the state of Nevada. Team is made up of mostly college players, and is one of the oldest in the league.

The raiders

Raiders are experimenting with running backs, and they have made some smart moves to bolster their depth. They have drafted Jacobs and have developed him in Minnesota. Drake and Polamalu are restricted free agents and will share playing time with each other. They will work closely with offensive
line coach Carmen Bricillo, and both will have their fair share of blocking responsibilities. However, both Polamalu and Jacobs are considered fringe starters at this point.

Running backup

Doug Martin: The Raiders signed Doug Martin in free agency, as a backup for Isaiah Crowell. While Martin may not be a top choice for the starting job, he is a valuable option in a pinch. The 30-year-old veteran has a background in running back coaching, and he is an ideal fit for Oakland. A true backup, he can
be a valuable asset if a starting running back is unavailable.
Josh Jacobs: The 24-year-old rookie was drafted by the Raiders with the 24th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. The team’s offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, has made Drake a viable back in the future. He rushed for 76 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries in a season in which he was limited to a few
carries. The Raiders’ rushing attack clearly struggled without him.

Succesful season

While Jacobs and Drake were not drafted by the Raiders for the first-round picks, they both had a successful rookie season. Despite missing three games last season, he still managed to rush for 1,150 yards and score two touchdowns. Although he averaged 3.4 yards per carry, he may have gained those
yards from his blocking. In addition, he broke two tackles in 10 attempts against a talented Baltimore front.
The Raiders added a prized free agent, Kenyan Drake, in the hopes of increasing their passing game’s production. The 6-foot-1, 211-pound running back ended the season with 30 receptions and a touchdown through the air. Despite a lack of experience in the role, he had multiple targets in every game, except for one, and was used as a backup in all phases of the season.

The raider’s coaches

The Raiders signed Jacobs with the 24th overall pick in the NFL Draft. Former USC safety was viewed as the top option for the Raiders, and the Raiders believed he would be a lead back for the offense. He averaged 872 yards and nine touchdowns in his first two seasons with the team, but missed
out on a career-high thousand-yard mark in both.
The Raiders also hired Kennedy Polamalu, a nephew of Troy Polamalu, to coach the running backs. The former USC safety had a wide range of experience coaching running backs. His most recent stint with the Minnesota Vikings’ running backs was with the fullbacks. In fact, he is the only player on
the roster with more experience than any other position. This year, the Raiders’ coaches will be able to make the best of the newbies.

Coaching experience

Moreover, Polamalu is a nephew of Troy Polamalu, the former USC safety. His vast coaching experience in the NFL has given him a wide variety of roles, including running backs and tight ends. Hence, he is an ideal coach for Smith, despite his inexperience in the NFL. Aside from being a great coach,
Kennedy is also an excellent coach and knows how to develop running backs.
The Raiders’ other running backs are not bad. They have a lot of potential, and they will be the key to the team’s success. The backfield is one of the most important positions in a football team, so it is important to find the best talent in the backfield. It is also vital that you choose a coach who knows the running
backs well. A good coach will know how to evaluate the running backs on a daily basis

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