Quantico Orienteering Club Events

If you’re new to orienteering, the Quantico Orienteering Club offers an Introduction to
Orienteering course, which is open to all fitness levels. These free events are like an outdoor
scavenger hunt. All you need to bring is your photo ID and a sense of adventure. Beginner
orientedeering courses are designed for people of all ages and physical capabilities.

Where and when ?

There are many different types of orienteering events, and Quantico Orienteering Club events
are no exception. Most of their events are held on Sundays, with a start window from 10:00 am
to 1:30 pm EST and a finish time around 3 pm. If you’re new to orienteering, these events are a
great way to get involved. The club also hosts a number of beginner classes.
The QOC holds regular events on Sundays. You can sign up for beginner courses for free. The
start window is generally from 10am to 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time, and most events end
around 3pm. The Quantico Orienteering Club also holds open orienteering courses and offers
beginner courses. You can learn to read a map, navigate the course, and use GPS to get a
better idea of your location.

An annual competition

QOC has an annual competition for orienteering events, which is open to all members. Most
events are held on Sunday mornings and end at 3 pm EST. To sign up for a race, you’ll need to
register with the organization. You can get the details and sign up by visiting the Quantico
Orienteering Club’s website. If you’d like to take a course in the region, you can contact the
QOC has a variety of events for all levels. Most events are held on Sundays. You can join the
Quantico Orienteering Club and participate for free! The first event of the year is open to all and
will involve a large number of participants. It may include a series of shorter courses or one
longer course. The course itself can vary from wooded terrain to a built area.

Open to the public

The Quantico Orienteering Club organizes events that are open to the public. You can join by
filling out a form on the spot. In addition to the QOC membership, you can join the organization
after the course. The membership fees you pay will help cover the costs of maps. The QOC will
also provide maps and other equipment for the meet. The course itself is free of charge. If you’re
new to orienteering, it is important to understand the basics of orienteering before you
QOC events usually feature beginner instruction volunteers. These people usually serve as
results crew members or volunteer at registration. You should introduce yourself to these
volunteers, as they’ll be able to help you get started on your orienteering adventures. The first
course will focus on the basics, such as understanding the orienteering map symbols and how to
read the map. The second event will focus on the technical skills of navigating and decision

How to join the Quantico orienteering ?

If you want to join the Quantico Orienteering Club, it’s best to check out the events they’re
holding. In most cases, events are held on Sundays, and the start window is from 10am to
1:30pm EST. You can join the club after the course and get free maps, which are also part of the
membership. You can join after the event. However, if you are new to orienteering, you can also
sign up for an online beginner’s class and be a member of the QOC.
Beginner instruction is a great way to get started. The QOC always has volunteers who are
willing to help newcomers. These volunteers can serve as results crew members or can help
with registration. The beginner instruction volunteers are the ones to show you the basics of
orienteering. The courses are designed to be more challenging, requiring high-speed navigation.
It’s also important to understand the basics of navigating.

The basics of Orienteering

You should also learn how to use a compass and map. Orienteering requires you to use a map
and a compass to locate a series of points on the map. The goal is to find these points on a map
and then choose a route back. You can find these locations on a topographical map. During an
orienteering course, you’ll need to find these points and then decide how to get back to the finish

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