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British Triathlon have launched their search for the Paratriathletes of the future with a listed job advert for a Paratriathlon Champion.

Many might consider the advert, posted on the British Triathlon website, as a novel approach to talent identification – but in combination with the traditional pathways of talent scouting and youth development, British Triathlon are keen explore all avenues when it comes to finding the best of the best.

“We have recently launched our ‘Can’t You?’ campaign as part of out talent identification program,” explained Rebecca Roberts, Senior Communications Consultant at British Triathlon.

“We worked with a team of young people to inform the campaign, who each had their own experiences of parasport and disability on what they wanted to see from a campaign that would encourage them to sign up to a virtual talent ID event.

“One thing they were very clear about – they wanted a campaign to excite them and give them a taster of the challenge of paratriathlon and did not want another inspirational parasport campaign.

“We were really excited about using some of their ideas – such as viewing the life of a paratriathlete as a job.”

Following this market research, British Triathlon produced a job advert for a Paratriathlon Champion.

Three-stage process

The advert also specifies that a number of elements to the job may not be for everyone:

“If you don’t like to travel, the outdoors and training, you might need to stick to another sport”, states the advert.

“Also, if you think Paralympic sport is about being inspirational and taking part, this probably isn’t the job for you.”

“The job advert was just one of a handful of things we’ll be doing over the coming weeks,” added British Triathlon when we reached out for further information..

“We are hosting a virtual talent identification day on Sunday February 27 – and we’ve previously used these as opportunities to talk directly to prospective athletes, understand their sporting experiences, answer questions and talk about the talent pathway.

“There will then be an in-person testing event in March where athletes will be invited to come along and try elements of the sport out for themselves.”

To apply for the job, British Triathlon have created an online form with those interested welcome to attend the virtual talent identification day.

After the in-person event on March 13, the last stage of the process will be a focused training programme, at which point candidates will be evaluated by the Paralympic Talent ID to decide on entry to the talent pathway.

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