Longest Running Anime Series in History

There are countless number of long-running anime series. In Japan, for instance, there is no other anime that has more episodes than Family Guy, which began airing in 1979 and ran until 2005. This sitcom follows the adventures of fourth grader Nobita Nobi and her robotic cat Doraemon, who was sent from the future to help her. Another popular series is the Parent and Child Club, which ran for 1498 episodes from 1994 to 2013. It is one of the longest running shows in history.

Saza san

Sazae-san is one of the longest running anime series in history. Based on the manga of the same name, the show has more than 2500 episodes and has never been licensed for western audiences. The second-longest anime series is Detective Conan: Case Closed, which has over 1014 episodes, but features 440 fillers. The shortest anime, Cells At Work, has only eight episodes and is considered the shortest. Other series that have been around longer include Bleach, Haikyuu! !, and Gintama.

Chibi Maruko-chan

Chibi Maruko-chan is the tenth-longest anime series. It is based on a shoujo manga of the same name, which are popular with teenage girls in Japan. The series aired from 1990 to 1992, with 142 episodes. It gained immense popularity during its run, and even inspired other adaptations, such as games and films. The anime is still in its early years, but it continues to be popular today. It is currently one of the longest running anime series.
Another long-running anime is the crime mystery series Monster. This anime has over 7400 episodes, and has a fan base.

Other popular anime include Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (64 episodes), Beelzebub, Haikyuu! !, and Dragonball Z.
Some of these series have a very dedicated following. However, the ranking information listed above is as of January 2016.
If you’re looking for the longest-running anime, there are several choices you may enjoy.
While many people consider Dragon Ball and One Piece the best known anime series, there are thousands more. Animes that are over 50 years old are also quite popular. The longest-running series is K irin Ashita no Calendar. It is a historybased family drama that has over 2500 episodes. It is also one of the longest-running Japanese anime series. But which one is the best? If you’re looking for something different, the more you can read about it.

The longest running anime serie

If you’re looking for the longest-running anime, you should start with Family Guy. The series has over 7400 episodes and is among the most popular Western anime. Its characters are somewhat eccentric, but they don’t seem to be difficult to relate to. Besides that, it’s hard to find other anime series that are as long. It’s best to stick with the one that is most popular in Japan. And don’t forget to check out the most successful anime series.
A number of anime series have been long-running for decades. The longest-running series in Japan is Mrs. Sazae, a popular family sitcom that has been airing for over 40 years. While South Park is the longest-running anime in Japan, many others are equally popular. A woman’s bosom is always the focal point of the show. If the girl’s bosom is full of lust, she’ll always have the best boyfriend in the world.
Anpanman is an anime that has been viewed by children since the 1970s. This series also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running anime. It has over 100 million viewers, and has 20 films based on the show. Anpanman is a symbol of justice and is the longest-running slash-and-burn series in Japan. So if you’re looking for the longest-running anime in North America, start watching it!
The longest-running anime in history is Anpanman. It has been on the air for more than 20 years and is one of the most popular shows in Japan. This show is a satirical cult classic that has spawned numerous sequels and spinoffs. In the United States, it is broadcast in many countries and is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. It can be intimidating to watch, but it is worth the effort

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