keto accountability group

keto accountability group

Keto Accountability is an online accountability group for people following the keto diet to lose weight. We create a keto accountability group of 10 people, and you meet weekly for an hour via video to discuss how you’re doing. You’ll be given a simple framework to follow so that everyone is doing the same and your results can be measured. When you hold a few people accountable for doing the same as you, you are motivated to do it!


We believe in using systems rather than setting targets. Our framework focuses on concrete things you can do every day that will lead you to success.


Commitment leads to action! Commit not only to yourself, but to others. It is this commitment that leads to your success

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Join a peer group who is doing what you are doing. It’s inspiring to know you’re not struggling alone.

keto accountability group: Best practices
We gather the most up-to-date information from the most respected experts in the keto community, so it’s easier than ever to know what to do.

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