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In this podcast episode, we’re replaying a popular episode of the Podcast Vault where we discuss the issues faced by the Slower Runners, “Tales from the Back of the Pack.” Plus Coach Angie gives a quick report on the 2021 New York City Marathon winners, celebrities, and special moments.

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Issues Faced by Slower Runners

Additional ideas. . .

time comparisons

Remember, everything is relative. Be careful about cutting your own slow pace because that could be someone else’s dream pace. Comparisons can be frustrating. We’re all slow compared to Eliud Kipchoge!

Be careful not to copy the strategies used by elite runners. Things like gear and feeding are individual things that you’ll want to test for yourself.

Back in 2015 when we recorded this episode, I said I would probably never do the 3:00 break in a marathon and would be quiet about the 3:30 break. Little did I know that with constant effort, I’d be able to run 3:19:55 five years later at the age of 41.

Courses close early

One of the big problems we’ve heard from slower runners are races that advertise a certain course time limit and then break up parts of the course early, help stations not stocked for slower runners, and food and drinks running out at the finish area. It’s smart to research stop times and read reviews before you sign up for a race.

Read about the 11 problems slow runners face

As mentioned in this episode

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