Indianapolis Colts Running Backs

The Indianapolis Colts are an American football team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are a
member of the National Football League and compete in the American Football Conference
South division. Since 2008, the team has played its home games in Lucas Oil Stadium. The
team’s current head coach is Brian Billick, and the team has three running backs on its roster.
The team’s running backs have been the subject of much speculation in recent years, but they
have a proven track record in the NFL.

Running backs / TAYLOR

RB1 – Taylor is the primary back on the Indianapolis Colts. He led the NFL in rushing yards in
2018, and he finished his college career fourth on the FBS all-time list. RB2 – the team’s secondleading rusher – has improved under Reich. His RB2 rush share has risen from 13% in 2016 to
13% in 2019 and 24% last year. The Colts have never had a running back like him, so it is vital
that they continue to improve this stat.
RB3 – Taylor is the only running back on the team with more than 1,000 yards. However, he has
only averaged 6.5 yards per carry during his career. The Colts are not afraid to use this versatile
skill on the offense. In 2022, the Colts are expected to use Taylor at both wide receiver and slot
receiver. As a result, Hines should get an expanded role in the offense.

Running backs / Indianapolis Colts

RB1 – The Indianapolis Colts have been a dominant force on the ground this season. They
finished second in the league in rushing with 149.4 yards per game. The Indianapolis Colts hope
to continue their dominance in 2022. Jonathan Taylor had his best season in 2021, gaining over
100 yards rushing in 10 of his 17 games. His five-touchdown performance against the Buffalo
Bills in November helped him become the league’s top running back.
RB1 – Jonathan Taylor: Another Indianapolis Colts running back, Taylor has the best overall
season in the league. He was named First-Team All-Pro by the NFL’s media panel. Additionally,
he was named to the Pro Bowl by fans. The NFL has been a contender for running back this
season. If the Colts can beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Taylor will likely lead the
team to the playoffs.
RB1 – Taylor has a great season so far. The Indianapolis Colts have three running backs on the
roster, so it would be a mistake to focus on free agents this year. Instead, the team should focus
on drafting a RB1 in the draft to provide depth at the position. If the Indianapolis Colts beat the
Raiders on Sunday, Jonathan Taylor will be an essential part of the team’s offense.
RB2 – If the Colts can beat the Raiders on Sunday, Taylor will be the most valuable player on
the team. If the Colts beat the Raiders, they will be in the playoffs. RB2 is the best player on the
roster and could end up being the best fantasy football runner in the league. It’s a matter of
personal preference, but the Colts are a very good pick.

Best choice

RB1 – If the Indianapolis Colts beat the Raiders, Taylor should be the Colts’ top choice. He’s the
best option because he can run all over the field without hurting his quarterback. The Colts’ RB1
will not be a problem in the playoffs. If the Colts beat the Raiders on Sunday, the two running
backs will be the most efficient team in the league.
RB2 – The Indianapolis Colts’ most productive player is Andrew Luck. The Indianapolis Colts’
MVP candidate is Andrew Luck, and the Colts are a good team. They are a top-five NFL team in
rushing yards and total yards. WR2 is a good fit for the Indianapolis Colts. The top two running
backs on the team are a RB2 and a receiver.
RB2 – There is a good chance that Taylor will be the lead back for the Indianapolis Colts in 2022.
His impressive resume has already helped him earn Pro Bowl honors this year. His next game
against the Arizona Cardinals’ pass defense could be his biggest test. If he runs well, it will make
it difficult for the Cardinals to stop him. The Lions’ run defense is one of the most effective in the

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