How to Prepare for a Long Run

If you’re preparing to be one of the crazies who gets up earlier on Saturday than Monday, welcome to marathon training!!! Are you dreading the big miles? Freaked out? Or psyched to see what you can do?

It probably depends on the week and just how tired you are from fitting in training around a busy life or perhaps because it’s all new and a little terrifying to wonder if you can.

Getting your mind right is one of the biggest keys to a great long run.

Ok that and not going from a 3 mile run to a 20 mile run because you skipped all the previous training. Unless you happen to be that annoying super athlete like my husband, though as he gets older those little trysts leave him a little more humbled. Ha!

How to Prepare for a Long Run

There are really a few key areas to consider when getting ready:

  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Running Gear

We’ll talk about logistics, but let’s start with your to prepare for a Long Run

Setting Your Mind

Half marathon or marathon training can feel intimidating the first go round.

You look a training plan that shows a 20 mile run, while thinking 6 is all I can manage right now! Marathon training is a huge mental undertaking and you need to accept that it’s part of training and ensuring that you can go the full 26.2.

Step 1: Stop Looking Ahead!

Stop focusing on what’s coming weeks or months down the road. Just do this weeks workouts and know that the plans are designed to help you build slowly.

No trying to jump ahead because mentally you feel like you should be doing more.

Step 2: Start Milestone Celebrations

Instead of dreading that new distance, start thinking of it as an opportunity to celebrate a new milestone in your running.

Even during that run, as it gets hard, focus on knowing that once you’ve finished, you’ll have run farther or possibly the same distance faster, than ever before. We get so focused on the final goal, that we miss all the exciting things along the way!!

Shoot coming back from knee surgery, I did a stationary happy dance the first time I walked 10 minutes and then a full blown happy dance when I ran a mile again without walking.long run tips

Step 3: Gratitude Miles

One of the tricks that has worked so well for me and those I coach, is a gratitude mile. Sometimes it’s your very first mile, other times you use that mile to warm up with your music and then shut it off when your mind starts going negative.

The gratitude mile can be for anything! But when I’m hurting mine often goes like this:

  • Thank you for my strong right knee
  • Thank you for my relaxed shoulders
  • Thank you for a body that allows me to do this
  • Thank you for that neighbor who put out funny Christmas decorations
  • Thank you for the sunshine on my face
  • Thank you for my big toe feeling good

I mean really! I will work my way through my body pointing out every single thing that is feeling good to help remove the attention from the fact that I could be running with dead legs.

Step 4: Reframe the Time You’ll Be Running

The longer training gets, sometimes the more daunting it can seem to carve out the time.

It can help to stop thinking of what you’re not doing (laundry, making breakfast, work emails) and instead focus on what you’re really getting from it beyond training.

Reframe it as an opportunity to explore new places or time to think without the interruption of your phone or family

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Find Options to Enter Yourself

Ok yes it’s a long time to be alone with your thoughts, but honestly I don’t get bored while running and I think these tactics are why.

Sometimes you do need a distraction to move away from thoughts of “Oh my gawd how am I not done yet?!

1. Audiobook Intrigue

I only listen to my current audiobook while running.

Yup that’s my trick, I can’t sneak it in while driving or working, I must be running. And if it’s a great book then I’ll want to keep going…which means the key is a great book.

I don’t think all books are perfect for a good run, so I created my list of the best running phone

2. Music for the Soul

Science has told us how beneficial it is for our motivation, but there’s a key way to use it for long runs.

Save it for the last 30 minutes to get that emotional boost.

I know this is a massive change for a lot of you, but see what happens if you go with no sound for awhile, then a podcast and then finally to music. Usually you’ll find that you can better control your pace from a podcast or audiobook.

Checkout the best BPM for running to find songs for different types of runs!

3. Use Friends for Distraction

Break up your long run by having friends join you for certain miles. Preparing for a long run means thinking ahead to what’s going to help you feel your best.

Or join a group if you love the camaraderie and someone cheering you on.

A lot of my friends have husbands who will bike along with them during their run…my husband is busy on the trails and that would be painful for me to watch him do it. BUT I love when we cross paths!

4. Routes for Variety

Do you love to explore new places? Then take the time to plan out new places for your long runs. I get excited about looking for street art or seeing the streets before people are awake, so it’s worth driving a bit if it puts my mind in the right space.

Here are my best tips for finding running routes >>austin murals

There’s also something to be said for the routine of a familiar place where you can stop thinking about your next turn and really deep dive in to your thoughts.

And of course you can choose to use a shorter race as part of your mileage. The key is to ensure you get in the full miles and be strategic about the race, ie force yourself to go easy or use it for goal race pace training.

Long Run Gear Prep is Key

While gear is crazy important for preventing blisters, chafing and other assorted issues while you run…the best most expensive, high quality gear doesn’t work if you can’t get your mind out of the “I can’t” mode. So focus on that first!

Let’s walk through tips on getting things ready and then making sure nothing is left to chance. Trust me, nothing is worse than trying to remember to mix a drink in the morning or driving to your run to realize that you’ve forgotten your watch.

Yup, I’ve done that on a 20 miller and it was really stressful.

How should you prepare for a long run?

Use this checklist to get all your ducks in a row and eliminate stress.

Long run checklist:

run pre

What is the best long run gear?

Is there gear that’s better for the long run than your others? I dunno, but I have found myself trending towards a few things over the years.

What to take on a long run?

I’m pretty basic with my water, phone and some fuel. But I have friends who go out full on mom mode: kleenex, chapstick, extra sunscreen, body wipes, band aids, magic beans.

Honestly, it comes down to what will make you feel more confident?

I like feeling lighter, but they feel stronger knowing they’re ready for any situation!

How to fuel your long run?

This is a massive topic and requires a lot of testing to find out what works best for you. And with time you’ll see how much better it makes your runs to not skip fuel.

✅If you need some help, I created a full 30 Day Running Nutrition Course with a Registered Sports Dietitian!

Here are some quick tips to help your long run planning:

Night Before

Night before the long run I eat pizza. Yeah and it turns out among my peers this is super common! Now I eat 1 slice with a salad, but still I’m not overthinking it and I’m NOT carbo loading.

Morning Of The Long Run

I’ve done a big post on what to eat and how long before you workout to eat it, which means I won’t try to squish it all in here. Short version is fast runs are used for specific training purposes, but probably not ideal for every week.slow cooker oatmeal

What to do before a long run?

Here’s an example of how I prep for marathon training days.

  • Wake up early enough to drink 8 oz of water
  • Hit the bathroom, possibly a few times
  • Eat your light breakfast
  • Foam roll to loosen muscles and increase blood flow
  • Do a dynamic warm up (stop skipping this!!!)
  • Walk for a few minutes before starting your run (also proven to help endurance)

Post Long Run

You freaking did it, so happy dance all over the parking lot, driveway or wherever you finish. You think I’m kidding, but I have fist bumped myself many a time for making the miles happen.

That feeling of know you did it, no matter how hard, is extremely important. It’s a reminder that you can do more than you think, something you call on come race day and proof that you can keep building by following the plan.

Now it’s time to be really smart about your recovery! Here are some guides to help you out:

Any other long run training questions?

What’s something that helped you with the miles?

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