Houston Texans Running Backs

The Houston Texans are a professional American football team based in Houston, Texas. They
compete in the National Football League (NFL) and are a part of the American Football
Conference (AFC) South division. The Texans play their home games at NRG Stadium in
downtown Houston. They have won five Super Bowls and were named the NFC South
champions in 2015. In addition to playing at NRG Stadium, the Texans also play at Reliant
Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where they compete against other teams from around the league.

Texans have five running backs

The Texans have five running backs on their 53-man roster, but head coach Todd Haley said
that they aren’t taking all of them into the game. But it’s likely that they will use one or two of
them. Phillip Lindsay and Mark Ingram are the favorites to start on the ground. While the Texans
will try to keep the other three healthy, the Texans will need them to be more consistent in their
run defense.
The Texans are also likely to sign free agent running backs Phillip Lindsay and Mark Ingram.
Ingram and Lindsay are expected to be the top two rushing options on the Texans roster. But
while Ingram is the Texans’ leading rusher, the former is a question mark in this year’s draft.
While they’ll be able to get more carries than Johnson, the rookies are unlikely to be effective in
fantasy football.

Domanick williams

Another player who is expected to see a significant amount of snaps is Domanick Williams. The
fourth-rounder was a playmaker from the start and was just one game away from scoring his
third straight 1,000-yard season in 2005. Before entering the NFL, Williams was known as
Domanick Davis. He was the Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year in 2003 and was named the
Associated Press’ Rookie of the Year. While he had only one thousand-yard season in his
career, he had 24 games with at least 100 yards of total offense.
While Ingram was a Hall of Fame candidate last season, his name value has waned. The
Texans have four veteran running backs on one-year contracts. They’re expected to trade
Ingram and Johnson before the Nov. 2 trade deadline. Ingram and Johnson are 31-year-old,
which means they’re both a bit of a risk. If Ingram doesn’t make the cut, Watson is the next-best

The Texans’ defense is likely to make the playoffs

The Texans have five running backs on their 53-man roster, but Culley said earlier this week
that they won’t take all five into the game. While there’s no consensus on who will start at the
top, two players are expected to play some of the time. This year, Ingram is the starting running
back for the Texans after releasing Duke Johnson in February. Ingram is likely to get more
carries than Lindsay in the early going, but the Texans have to find a new long-term solution to
their RB issues.
With all five running backs on one-year deals, the Texans are unlikely to use any of them in the
first few games. But if it’s a must-win situation, the Texans will take a chance on a run-and-gun
offense. With their newfound flexibility, they have no choice but to give their young players the
chance to succeed. The Texans’ defense is likely to make the playoffs.

Ingram’s trade with the Texans

Despite the fact that the Texans have five running backs on their roster, the Texans’ running
backs are expected to see the most action this season. After all, a healthy Ingram is expected to
give the team more options on offense. A healthy Burkhead will allow the Texans to maximize
his effectiveness and avoid the injury risk. While Ingram has a good deal with the Texans, the
other two could benefit from the inexperienced Lindsay’s release.
Ingram’s trade with the Texans will have an immediate impact on the Texans’ running backs.
The former Cowboys star has a career high of 1,073 yards in his rookie season. The Texans
have four veteran running backs on one-year deals. Those players are expected to be traded
away before the Nov. 2 deadline. A healthy Burkhead will probably be the best option for the

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