Core keto spray

Core keto spray

Core Keto Daily Spray enhances your Keto program. Supports healthy energy levels.


A potent daily spray of BHB to support exercise and diet.
Core Keto Spray helps to :

  • Support keto diets and exercise programs.
  • Help promote healthy energy levels.
  • Support an active lifestyle
    When you feel like your body is struggling to cope with a new diet or intense workout, it’s time to use CORE KETO Spray. This potent micronized spray supports a healthy diet and exercise regimen and enhances the Keto program. This spray helps you maintain your energy levels, which is vital to the success of any weight management program.
    Core Keto Spray is a special formula containing (BHB) β-hydroxybutyrate, a naturally occurring ketone. BHB is synthesized in the liver and provides energy to the body when glucose levels are low. BHB is a key ingredient often used in conjunction with a healthy keto diet and exercise program.

Core keto spray: Key ingredients

BHB is a key ingredient in CORE KETO. Ketone β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a chemical synthesized by the body in the liver from fatty acids. It is an essential energy transporter from the liver to the tissues when the body’s glucose intake is too low for its energy needs.

What is the relationship between keto and BHB?

So if we don’t consume carbs for energy, where do we get energy when we use the Keto diet rules? I am glad you asked. On the Keto diet, three ketones are naturally formed when fat is broken down in the body. In the keto diet or ketogenic diet, the body uses BHB the most.
The first thing to understand is that when the body has no sugars, which it normally uses for energy, it starts using fat – that’s what we want! Get the fat out of here!

Why are ketones important?

The body can use two main fuel sources for energy: glucose and ketones.
The body produces glucose by breaking down sugars and carbohydrates. Although it can be a good source of fuel, one of the disadvantages of this source is its low fuel content. Initially, it can make you feel energetic and alert. However, it is no longer so much fun when the ‘blood sugar crash’ occurs and the body craves for extra carbohydrates.
When glucose is not available, ketones are important. On a ketogenic diet, if you eat the right foods, very little glucose is available to the body.

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Core keto spray : How BHB can improve quality of life

process that takes place with BHB is truly phenomenal. First of all, it is useful to know that ketones are produced by the liver and that BHB is particularly well known for providing the body and brain cells with energy that replaces that previously obtained from carbohydrates and glucose.
The positive aspect of using ketones in the body is that the energy is usually more constant. When BHB ketone levels increase, hunger does not come to the fore, but takes a back seat. People report that they do not feel hunger, cravings or even discomfort when their body uses ketones as fuel.
If you can stop thinking about food for longer, you can focus on other things in life. You can focus on your work, your children, your hobbies, everything that is important to you. You don’t have to be driven by food cravings (this makes intermittent fasting easier, which is a whole other topic, but many healthy ketodians also use it to improve their health).

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