Best canicross harnesses for running with dogs

Taking your dog on a run is the ultimate ‘two birds, one stone’. You can get your daily runs in while giving your dog what they need. Canicross harnesses allow you to do this with relative ease, freeing up your hands so you can run at your best.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best-reviewed kit on the market so you can start running alongside your dog. Some of these are sets with everything you need, while others are specific pieces of kit.

If you’re buying just the harness, make sure you have a dog lead and a belt loop (or harness belt) to attach it to. If you’re going for a belt and lead only, then your dog would thank you for buying a no-pull harness, too.

Best canicross harnesses to buy in 2022

Ruffwear Running Belt with Water Bottle and Dog Lead

Ruffwear Running Belt
Credit: Amazon

This kit from Ruffwear provides everything you need to start running hands-free with your dog. Included is a water bottle, dog lead and hip belt. The hip belt has a handy pouch for carrying your water bottle, along with a headphones loop and two additional pockets for storing essentials. The one-size belt is adjustable to fit waists between 64-114cm.

As well as running, the Ruffwear kit can be used when hiking or mountain biking. The extendable dog lead has a webbed design to prevent swivelling and provide shock absorption.

TrueLove Dog Harness

TrueLove Dog Harness
Credit: Amazon

With reflective stitching and a cushioned interior, this dog harness from TrueLove is designed to provide your dog with comfort and safety when outdoors. It has two attachment points for added control, one below the belly and one on the back, to help with dogs that love to pull the lead.

Available in 11 colors and five sizes, the harness is made from nylon webbing with 3M reflective material. The outer layer is said to be durable and scratch-resistant, while the fastening buckles have a large loading capacity, according to TrueLove. There’s also a label on the inside to write your dog’s name and address if they ever get lost.

DogFit Canicross Starter Kit

DogFit Canicross Starter Kit
Credit: Amazon

This kit from DogFit is a great place to start. It comes with everything you need to start running with your dog, including a harness, canicross belt, ‘bungee line’ dog lead, and even a kit bag. The canicross belt comes with a back pocket to carry the essentials.

Kurgo Dog Harness – Journey Air

Kurgo Dog Harness
Credit: ManoMano

The Journey Air is a harness that’s designed to be breathable, with a wide chest pad to keep the neck and shoulders as free as possible. It comes in black and gray, and has four adjustment points to customize the fit. The metal hardware is made from aluminum to keep the harness lightweight, while the harness itself is made from nylon.

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness
Credit: Amazon

Recommended for medium to large dogs, Rabbitgoo’s harness is designed be a good choice for those after an easy-to-use, no-pull harness. There are four adjustable straps to snugly secure your dog in, and it has two attachment clips for securely keep your dog close.

Pecute Hands Free Dog Running Leads with Wide Back Support Waist Bag

pecute Dog Running Leads
Credit: Amazon

A wide-support waist bag with convenient storage pockets means this looks like a good choice on paper for those that like organisation. The belt is made from a mesh fabric to reduce the stress from pulling.

The dog lead includes two handles for extra support when keeping your dog under control, and is said to be able to hold dogs up to 60kg and stretch to 250cm.

ThinkPet No Pull Breathable Sport Dog Harness

ThinkPet Sport Dog Harness
Credit: Amazon

Made from nylon and oxford webbing, this harness is designed to evenly distribute pressure along the body to protect your dog from choking and spine damage. A mesh lining with sponge padding on the chest and stomach is included to offer some extra comfort, too. It’s available in a range of colors and sizes.

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