The B-KETO supplement contains a patented formula of exogenous ketones without carbohydrates and contributes to the rapid burning of excess body fat, thus accelerating weight loss. B-KETO naturally increases physical performance and endurance and also has a positive effect on mental performance. Thanks to the new formula, ketones are produced in the body, which are used as a source of energy. The increased level of ketones in the body promotes the burning of fat reserves as a preferred fuel source. The beneficial supplement provides sustained energy and helps suppress appetite and carbohydrate cravings.

The main benefits of B-KETO

o Promotes ketosis and supports ketogenesis
o Accelerates weight loss and fat burning
o Has a natural composition
o Contains no sugar or gluten
o Has a laboratory-tested and clinically proven formula
o Increases physical endurance
o Increases brain clarity and concentration
o Normalizes blood sugar levels
o Supports energy for the brain and body
o Supports the cardiovascular system
o Promotes the normalization of metabolic processes
o Suppresses appetite and carbohydrate cravings
o Reduces the risk of type 3 diabetes

More information about the B-KETO supplement

The new weight loss product can be successfully combined with other B-Epic supplements in the overall weight loss and health program. The new supplement enhances the effectiveness and improves the actions of other B-Epic supplements. B-KETO can effectively have a metabolic and stimulating effect, combat obesity, and can also be useful for other purposes such as reducing fatigue, decreasing appetite and maintaining proper blood sugar balance.
The new B-KETO supplement is a B-Epic product that helps accelerate the effectiveness of the weight loss process, supporting any diet you are following and increasing its effectiveness. Your physical activity or just a light exercise, sport or fitness will give you fast, visible and tangible results from the beginning, thanks to the new slimming product. The excess weight accumulated over the years will start to gradually disappear in the first few days, even with your little physical activity. A walk in the park, a jog or a light exercise in the morning will be enough to activate the weight loss mechanism. B-KETO is ideal for people who lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
B-Epic’s B-KETO is an innovative 100% natural, chemical-free product that combines a blend of beta-hydroxybutyrate mineral salts with amino acids that help control weight and maintain ketosis in the body. B-Epic supports ketosis and induces ketogenesis. The process of ketogenesis is a reaction in which the body itself actively converts excess body fat into ketones. The supplement helps lower blood sugar by increasing ketone levels. A recent study conducted by U.S. scientists revealed other benefits of ketones to the body. Ketones have anti-aging effects on blood vessels, regulate cell renewal and slow down the aging process of intestinal stem cells.

Benefits of exogenous BHB-BA ketones

Exogenous BHB-BA ™ ketones reduce fatigue and increase endurance during any physical activity, as well as during normal morning exercise, light jogging in the park or cycling. BHB B-KETO supplementation will improve cognitive abilities and reduce cravings by regulating the hunger hormone. The new supplement reduces blood sugar levels during meals. B-Epic BHB supplementation can help you achieve excellent physical well-being during any physical activity. The new product will help you utilize ketones as a source of energy and support fat metabolism, neuronal function by increasing metabolic rate. BHB-BA is a high quality fuel for the brain and the entire human body.
The new product’s proprietary formula contains a potent 3000 mg dose of the new exogenous BHB ketone complex. Through scientific laboratory studies and clinical trials, the formula has proven to be effective and the effect occurs almost immediately compared to any other exogenous BHB ketone supplement. Science-based, laboratory-tested ingredients are used in the new product. The additive contains no artificial chemical fillers. Non-GMO and gluten-free. People who supplement with B-KETO can shed excess weight faster and more effectively during health workouts.

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