Ade Armando Beaten During April 11 Action At The DPR

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JAKARTA – Ade Armando, a lecturer at the University of Indonesia (UI), was beaten by several people while participating in a protest organized by students in front of the DPR of RI in Senayan, Jakarta, on Monday, April 11.
Ade’s face was bruised, his body was beaten with mace, and even the pants he was wearing were taken away by the angry mob.
Ade’s colleague and social media activist, Danny Siregar, said that the video being circulated was not made by the students. Danny suspects that a “cadre of cadres” infiltrated the action.
In fact, Ade’s aspirations are the same as those of the students, that is, to resign from three terms in office.
“Ade Armando came to support the students who rejected Jokowi for three terms. I also refused from the beginning. But because of Kadrun’s infiltration it was finally provoked. It was verified that those assaulted were not students but Kadrun, who were shouting ‘halal blood’,” Denny said via his Twitter account @Dennysiregar7 on Monday, April 11.
According to Denny, the cadrun group behaves like a hyena or a kind of carnivorous, wire-haired, dog-like animal (family Hyaenidae). This group only dares in large numbers. However, it retreats when left alone.
“I told you the Cadrun is ferocious when in a group. Like hyenas. Brave when you’re a mass. If you’re alone, you’re fast. Like a pinched worm s****,” Danny explained.

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