Every recipe here is a low-carb masterpiece! If you need a good ketosis recipe, it’s probably here, from satisfying sandwiches and cheese to simple peanut butter biscuits, from healthy frying pans to fun keto sandwiches!

Meatball soup

This soup is a true masterpiece in one pot and is packed with carrots, celery, kale and of course meatballs! It’s easy to make whether you choose frozen or homemade meatballs, and makes a cosy winter meal.

Crispy fried shrimps in garlic butter scampi

This crispy, butter-fried prawn dish is perfect for a quick and easy dinner. You can also serve it as an appetizer for a special meal. By using panko and pork rinds, it stays ketogenic, and when served over noodles, you get a fantastic dish!

Fried chicken breasts crispy fried

Everyone’s favourite cheesy, creamy chicken dish definitely belongs on this list, right? Juicy, tender chicken breasts served in a satisfying sauce of cream cheese, bacon and ranch. It’s perfect for meal prep or shredding and serving with your favorite veggies.
What about sweet treats? Gotcha! This incredibly rich, moist and filling chocolate cake will satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your low-carb plans. You’ll love the creamy mocha latte flavour found here!

Recipe for easy waffles

And did someone say waffles? Yes, even fluffy waffles are possible on the keto diet. They are made with cream cheese, grated cheese, almond flour and eggs, and turn beautifully golden and fluffy in the waffle maker.

Beef salad with dijon-balsamic dressing

Get the steak out! The roasted tenderloin goes perfectly with a crisp salad of diced cucumbers, halved cherry tomatoes, red onion and avocado. The addictive and delicious dijon balsamic sauce makes everything a feast! Satisfying and rich.

Creamy chicken breasts with lemon and parmesan

How delicious is tender, pan-fried chicken with parmesan cheese served in a creamy, garlicky lemon sauce? How can I put this?

Legendary. That’s how good it is. This low-carb recipe is a light and refreshing, yet filling and nutritious dinner that will leave you feeling full. Serve with broccoli, Brussels sprouts or your favourite salad.

Air-fried salmon

Salmon is a super-popular seafood option, and for good reason! It has a robust flavour and texture, and goes well with all kinds of sauces and accompaniments. With this simple air-cooking technique, you get juicy, tender fillets with slightly crispy edges, all balanced with garlic seasoning

Instant Pot chicken noodle soup

30 minutes in the Instant Pot and you have a cozy, comforting chicken soup ready to go. With tender noodles, carrot chunks, juicy chicken and a warm, tasty broth, this is one soup you won’t want to miss. It’s perfect for when you’re in a bad mood, but it’s also great for a simple cold-weather dinner.

Homemade Alfredo sauce with basil pesto

Everything is better with a good sauce, and this alfredo sauce is one of the best. Made the old-fashioned way with butter, garlic, cream and parmesan, it’s rich and smooth without the roux. The addition of basil pesto gives it an addictive flavour. Yum!

Keto Pizza Margherita

With a fathead pizza base (trust me, it’s amazing!) that actually tastes like bread, this simple pizza Margherita makes the transition to a low-carb diet much easier … and tastier. Fresh mozzarella, basil leaves and tomato sauce are a combination that can’t be beat!

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

With just four simple ingredients, you can make these cookies guilt-free in no time. They taste real because they are real! Peanut butter, eggs, sweetener of your choice, and a little vanilla are as real as it gets. You’ll never go back to the old carb-laden peanut butter cookies!

Cheesy Keto Zucchini Breadsticks.

These easy cheesy zucchini “breadsticks” are a healthy, deep-fried sandwich-like recipe that’s totally keto-friendly and perfect with your favorite marinara. A keto recipe everyone will love, even the picky eaters!

Fluffy lemon poppy seed pancakes made with almond flour.

Who can say no to lemon and egg pancakes? And thanks to the almond flour, they’re low in carbs, too. They’re packed with flavor and healthy protein and can be made with a mixer and a skillet! A win for the keto brunch!

Braised Chicken and Sauce.

This homemade dinner features juicy white meat chicken in a flavorful brown gravy with lots of onion, garlic and herbs. It’s the perfect comfort food and tastes like you spent all day making it! But because it’s made in a simple skillet, it only takes about 30 minutes!

Chicken thighs pan fried with garlic and rosemary.

Another stew recipe with juicy and tender chicken thighs simply seasoned with fresh rosemary and garlic, tart grape tomatoes and salt and pepper. This tastes wonderful with roasted vegetables!

Keto Mushroom Bread

Cloud bread is another cheese-based keto bread. When cooked properly, the cheese takes on a bread-like, “crumbly” texture that is super delicious and can be very convenient when you just want a good sandwich! You can make your own keto sandwiches quickly and easily with this simple recipe.

Creamy keto chocolate mousse.

One of the most luxurious recipes ever! Nothing is as creamy, smooth, and indulgent as a rich chocolate mousse. And with this easy, keto-friendly version, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without resorting to carbs. Garnish the incredible treat with whipped cream, chocolate chips and raspberries.

Cheesy Minced Meat and Cauliflower Rice Stew.

This easy, cheesy casserole with hearty beef, healthy cauliflower rice and fresh spinach is perfect for a weeknight dinner. Both kids and adults will appreciate this old-fashioned dish, which happens to be one of my most fun ketosis recipes.

Roasted cabbage with bacon

Rustic home cooking at its best! Crisp, flavorful cabbage is pan-fried with smoky bacon – a side dish you can’t resist. A family-friendly, country-style favorite.

Pork chops sautéed in garlic butter with zucchini.

The perfect dinner for those on a low-carb diet, this dish consists of a delicious main dish and a delicious side dish – all in one pan. Look forward to juicy, crispy pork chops and a fresh, roasted zucchini on the side. Yum.

Cheeseburger Soup

Soup is on the menu, and you won’t be mad if it’s this super tasty, super cheesy soup with ground beef, hearty veggies, a little tomato paste and lots of creamy goodness. Garnish with chopped tomatoes and a little cucumber and eat!

Strawberry cream pie

A sweet little treat that literally “bakes” in two minutes in the microwave! A simple almond flour base is slightly sweet, is filled with fresh strawberries and topped with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

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